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females in video games

[85] This trend has continued through the efforts of Nintendo in its release of the Wii. [100] Yet, the perceived skill or performance gap between men and women may be fueled by other factors besides gender. [83], A lack of role models for female gamers[84] contributes to a feeling that they should edit their femininity in order to maintain credibility as a gamer, and that they must fit into the caricatured role of the "girl gamer" in order to be accepted. ESAC-reported Canadian female to male gamer ratios: IDSA/ESA-reported USA female to male gamer ratios per platform - Video gaming: IDSA/ESA-reported USA female to male gamer ratios per platform - PC gaming: IDSA/ESA-reported USA female to male gamer ratios per platform - Console gaming: IDSA/ESA-reported USA female to male gamer ratios per platform - Online gaming: "The State of the Entertainment Software Industry 1997: Executive Summary". [77] For many critics uncomfortable with the term "girl gamer", its over-embracement may lead to the perpetuation of negative stereotypes[77] of female gamers as oversexualized, casual, and sometimes defiant or confrontational. CEO of Stadia Games and Entertainment, founder of Ubisoft Toronto, and Motive Studios. The relationship between women and video games has received extensive academic and media attention. In studies on male gamers of the baby boomer generation, for example, players displayed a marked aversion to violence. While most female characters in video games are in supportive roles, Evie Frye steals the spotlight for being a protagonist of Assassin Creed along with her brother Jacob. [81][82] This in turn can result in poor game design. In viewing video games as cultural artifacts and the industry as a cultural industry, the disenfranchisement of women from the medium is regarded as negatively impacting the female voice in the industry and the woman's capacity to take part in the cultural dialogue that gaming inspires. Suggested post: Top 15 Witcher 3 Best Armors To Use In The Early And Late Game. "Got Game How the Gamer Generation Is Reshaping Business Forever". They know the value women bring to a task-- from managing a department to launching a world-class video game. While men frequently want most to compete with others and destroy things, women often want most to complete challenges and immerse themselves in other worlds:[93], While video games and advertising were initially gender-neutral, advertising began to narrow its focus to young boys as a target market following the video game crash of 1983. A study in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media said that women who play a lot of video games disagree more with stereotypes concerning gender in gaming and are more strongly drawn towards specific gaming genres than men, regardless of the men's gaming frequency. [76] "Girl gamers" or "gamer girls" is a label for women who regularly play games. [80] The term "girl gamer" rather than simply "gamer" has also been described as perpetuating the minority position of female gamers. [7] But even in this area, the numbers are moving towards equality: in 2013, Nintendo reported that half of its users were women,[8] and in 2015 another Pew study found that more American women (42%) than men (37%) owned video game consoles. [91], In-game activities may also differ between the sexes in games with less linear plots such as the Grand Theft Auto series. [78] A 2009 academic study published in New Media & Society, however, found that 85% of playable characters in video games are male. Materials and Equipment . [80], For depictions of women in video games, see, Relationship between women and video games, Support groups for women in the video game industry, WIGSIG (Women In Games Special Interest Group). have sought to increase female gamer demographics by giving scholarships to girls considering getting into game development,[148][149] and game developers like Check Six Games, Her Interactive, Silicon Sisters and Purple Moon have openly courted female coders and developers. At the same time, the average male video game player is 34. [85] Groups like and Sony's G.I.R.L. One example is that Women in Games International has teamed up with the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles in order to create a video game patch, which the two organizations hope will encourage Girl Scouts to develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. W. "Arcade Video Games: An Informal Look". [116], In 1989, according to Variety, women constituted only 3% of the gaming industry. It also works to assess the numbers of the women in the games industry and tracks the changes of these numbers over time. in the context of the dominant culture, due to the stereotypes between masculinity and gaming. Women in Video Game Streaming With the meteoric rise of streaming video games, women have played a big part in gathering huge audiences on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. [132][unreliable source?] The study didn't attribute the cause of differences in percentages to gender alone, stating a correlation between games less played by women and features that discourage women, such as a lack of female protagonists, required communication with strangers online, or tendency to cause motion sickness. Bryce, J. and J. Ruttner, "The Gendering of Computer Gaming: Experience and Space", in S. Fleming & I. Jones, Leisure Cultures: Investigations in Sport, Media and Technology, Leisure Studies Association, 2003, pp. [117] Women in game audio make approximately 90 cents for every dollar that men made, according to GameSoundCon's Audio Industry Survey for 2019, although women in general have 2.4 years less experience than men in audio. [155] Other efforts outside of making games with female characters have also started to occur. Specifically, gaming is often seen as fantasy and escapism in which empathy and identification with the character is much more easily achieved if the character shares the same gender as the player. SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM", "Lara Croft and the Future of Women in Videogames", "Big Games at E3 2012 - E3 - Electronics Entertainment Expo Wiki Guide - IGN", "Big Games at E3 2013 - E3 - Electronics Entertainment Expo Wiki Guide - IGN",, Articles with incomplete citations from April 2017, Articles with failed verification from April 2017, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from April 2019, Articles lacking reliable references from December 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Finishing everything, finding all collectibles and locations, Expressing themselves, building or customizing things, Socializing and collaborating with others, Elaborate narrative, well-developed characters, Asking "what if? Nowadays, it's getting difficult to tell the difference between fiction and reality. [126], Founded in 2005, Women in Games International (WIGI), made up of both female and male professionals, works to promote the inclusion and advancement of women in the global games industry. Sar… [96] This has begun to change, however, with the expansion of entrepreneurial feminism and the concept of "games by girls for girls" that has been embraced by companies such as Her Interactive, Silicon Sisters and Purple Moon—all video gaming start ups that are female owned and largely female staffed. The group was incorporated under the UK's Companies Act 2006 on June 2, 2011, as a "not for profit" or Community Interest Company. Her empathy and humanity shines through in a story where the flesh and blood humans constantly find themselves in morally compromising situations. Video games that promote creative thinking and multiplayer interactions (e.g., Minecraft) have helped young girls to communicate senses of authority and confidence in their social and academic lives. A 2012 Twitter discussion among women working in games, collated under the hashtag #1reasonwhy, argued that sexist practices such as the oversexualization of female characters, disinterest in topics that matter to women, as well as workplace harassment and unequal pay for men and women were common in the games industry. (Some get to be villains, but hating the protagonist is sort of a prerequisite for that.) [83] The argument has also been advanced that emphasis on market research is often skewed by the participants in the study. WIGJ seeks to help women find their place within the growing and rewarding field of game development. In 1983, researcher John W. Trinkaus published findings that there were 8 male players to every 3 female players in video game arcades. Female participation in gaming is increasing. [80], An aspect of game design that has been identified as negatively impacting female interest is the degree of expertise with gaming conventions and familiarity with game controls required to play the game. "[79] When female characters do appear in video games, they are regarded by some as presenting unhealthy messages concerning unrealistic body images and provocative sexual and violent behaviors for players of both genders. There are differences between the video game genres preferred, on average, by women and men. "[1] Industry studies on the lack of women in gaming have also suffered at times from biases of interpretation. The video game heroine Lara Croft, here portrayed by Alison Carroll, is often used as an example of the sexual objectification of women in games. [97] The movement to expand the existing market to include women through the development of gender-neutral games has also had a number of advocates. [101], A 2015 study found that lower-skilled male players of Halo 3 were more hostile towards teammates with a female voice, but behaved more submissively to players with a male voice. Series: King of Fighters. The ESAC in particular has gone into great depth reporting age-related segmentation of the market between both male and female gamers. In 2019, men made up 65% of the streaming population, while women made up 35%. In Japan the rise of cute culture and its associated marketing has made gaming accessible for girls, and this trend has also carried over to Taiwan and recently China (both countries previously having focused mostly on MMOs and where parents usually place harsher restrictions on daughters than on sons). ". Kaplan, Sidney J. After making a bad game that targets those areas suggested by the marketing research, the game's lack of popularity among both genders is often attributed to the incorrect prejudice that "girls don't play games" rather than the true underlying problems such as poor quality and playability of the game. [77] Gamers of both genders tend to crave realism and the more realistic the gender of the character, the easier it is for a player to identify with the character. [133][134][135], Regarding elements of game design, areas such as gameplay, mechanics, and similar features have been described as gender neutral; however, presentational aspects of games have been identified as strongly gender-linked. [142] Perceptions about stereotypes concerning gamers themselves also vary among genders, as well as playing frequency of game genres. A 2017 report by the video game analytics company Quantic Foundry, based on surveys of about 270,000 gamers, found varying proportions of male and female players within different game genres. [152] Examination of IGN's "Big Games at E3 2012"[153] and "Big Games at E3 2013"[154] shows growth of the female protagonist in video games, rising 4% from 2012 to 2013. Higher-skilled male players, on the other hand, behaved more positively towards female players. Many female video game characters have specific directives and motivations that don't require them to be so scantily clad, and yet they are designed that way merely as an afterthought to get gamers' attention. As streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch became increasingly popular, female gamers began to jump on board. [77] Social stigma against games has influenced some women to distance themselves from the term "gamer", even though they may play regularly. In addition to using this growing interest in women in the game-developing industry, WIGJ works to put more women in traditional game development with less stigma attached to them. In North America, national demographic surveys have been conducted yearly by the U.S. Entertainment Software Association (ESA)[a] since at least 1997, and the Canadian Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) since 2006. Companies in the game development industry have, in recent years, been seeking to balance the gender ratios on development teams, and consoles like the Wii and Nintendo DS have seen increased numbers of female players. The most active age group are boys under 18, representing 17% of all gamers. We appreciate a good looking gaming character, and in this feature you'll find 25 of the hottest female video game characters ever designed. [77][79][150] One of the earliest attempts to broaden the market to include women could be seen in Sega's[79] use of the increased number of female protagonists in fighting games. Using the data we have from over 270,000 gamers, we’ve put together some findings on the percentage of female gamers across game genres. It’s just how they are. Beck, John C., and Mitchell Wade. Volunteers (minimum of 15 males and 15 females, but more of each is better).Note: All volunteers should be within two years of age from one another and should not be selected based on whether or not you know they play video or computer games. Cortana from the Halo series 2. While 48% of women in the United States report having played a video game, only 6% identify as gamers, compared to 15% of men who identify as gamers. Creating games designed with regard to sociological, psychological, and cognitive research into girls' cultural interests, such companies hope to awaken a female-only market emphasizing fundamental differences between what girls want and what boys want in gaming. The group was formed in order to foster a positive impact on the game industry regarding gender balance in the workplace and/or marketplace. Angel. [120], WIGSIG is a special interest group of IDGA (International Game Developers Association). These are some of the other pioneering female characters in iconic video games. [143], The concept that video games are a form of art is one that has begun to gain force in the latter half of the 2000s, with the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts recognizing games as a form of art in May 2011,[144] for example. Advocates for increasing the number of female gamers stress the problems attending disenfranchisement of women from one of the fastest-growing cultural realms as well as the largely untapped nature of the female gamer market. Another point of study has been the depiction of women in video games, in which, as in other forms of … 3–22. Sexism in video gaming, including sexual harassment, as well as underrepresentation of women as characters in games, is an increasing topic of discussion in video game culture. Lucas, K. and Sherry, J.L., 2004. Recent popular games … Playing video games is a fantastic form of escapism. "The Image of Amusement Arcades and Differences in Male and Female Video Game Playing". Research has found that 52% of the gaming world is made up of women,[130] but most remain less visible[how?] She is well known for being one of the few non-Korean players who can play at the same skill level as male Korean players. The portrayal of men and women in video games, as in other media, is a subject of research in gender studies and is discussed in the context of sexism in video gaming. However accounting for the experience difference, "the cost of being female [in game audio] is 2.15 years of experience. For more than 10 years, groups like the ESA and ESAC have gathered data on the gender of video game purchasers, the percentage of women gamers within certain age brackets, and the average number of years women gamers have been gaming. For a long time it was thought that girls dont play video games so games were targeted at boys. Women In Games International stands as strong advocates for issues crucial to the success of women and men in the games industry, including a better work/life balance, healthy working conditions, increased opportunities for success, and resources for career support. [83][139], Although some of the population of male gamers have been the source of harassment towards female gamers and over-sexualization of the characters,[140] there are many men in the gaming industry who agree that there is a problem with female over-sexualization in gaming. Video games are primarily considered as a male activity, but in reality, this is not true. One-off market research studies and culture surveys have been produced by a wide variety of other sources including some segments of the gaming press and other culture writers since the 1980s as well. Earnings Disclaimer, International Game Developer’s Association, University of Southern California’s Media and Games Division, Many women on Twitch have experienced a lot of discrimination and outright harassment, There’s A Time For Everything: How to Be Happy Working in the Gaming Industry, From Video Gamer to Studio Co-Owner: A Game Developer’s Unique Path to Career Success, Rising Above the Challenges: How A Game Designer Turn A Job Loss Into A Biz Opportunity, How Sid Meier, Creator of Civilization, Became King of Just ‘One More Turn’ Strategy Games. The ESA was known as the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) prior to 16 July 2003. This page was last edited on 16 February 2021, at 10:08. Kafai, Yasmin B., Carrie Heeter, Jill Denner, and Jennifer Y. Women Stars in Video Game Industry Gone are the days when successful women pulled the trap door closed once they climbed up, fearful of female competition. Mabel Addis of The Sumerian Game (1964) was the first writer of a video game and first female game designer. Whether you love taking care of horses, making yummy meals, or managing your very own virtual boutique, you can participate in all of those activities in our always growing collection of online games for girls.. Also known as GGG, it’s packed full of unicorn games, … [80] The solution to the problem of societal pigeonholing of female gamers is often identified as interventionist work such as the insertion of women into the industry. [80], In the past, "girl games" have frequently been created by adapting girl-oriented material in other media like The Baby-sitters Club, Barbie, and Nancy Drew[84] while leaving male-targeted genres such as sport and driving sims, role-playing games, and first-person shooters to the boys. Other organizations including the Australian/New-Zealander Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA) since 2005 collect and publish demographic data on their constituent populations on a semi-regular basis. The average female video game player is 36. Welcome to, one of the best websites for the cutest and coolest online games in the entire world! [92], According to data collected by Quantic Foundry in 2016, the primary motivations why people play video games differ, on average, by gender. [1][86][94] Although commercial hits such as Myst and The Sims appealed to women, these were nonetheless seen by some as being outside the gaming mainstream. [115] Carol Shaw is recognized as the first woman to develop a commercially released game, 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe for the Atari 2600 in 1978, though she would gain later fame with her title River Raid in 1983. [131], Critics attribute the seeming lack of female interest in video games to the negative portrayal of women in video games and to misogynistic attitudes common among professional and hardcore gamers. The study reported the following proportions of male and female gamers with respect to specific genres: While male audiences prefer fast-paced, explosive action and combat,[79] women tend to prefer in-game communication[80] and interpersonal relationships (character development and plot dynamics). So what games are the best for women? [77] Negative stereotyping of female video game players as "girl gamers" quite often comes from male gamers who have themselves been negatively stereotyped by the broader society. Girl Gamers: Sugar, Spice, Everything Profitable? Leroux, Yvan and Michel Pépin. [80] These critics submit that there is no single definition of a female gamer, and that women gamers are as diverse as any other group of people. [97] Other examples of this include games like Mass Effect 3, Remember Me, and the Last of Us, which include a female option for the main character. Additionally, it works to recruit women into the games industry and make the field more attractive to women while providing them with the support and connections they need to be successful. But Cortana identifies as female, which is an incredibly progressive message for a video game. 3 % of the Sumerian game ( 1964 ) was the first writer of a video game characters have started! Shooters and grand strategy games humanity shines through in a story where the flesh and humans! ], women constituted only 3 % of women do enjoy playing video games has received extensive and. Masculinity and gaming the 1960s constantly females in video games themselves in morally compromising situations at 10:08 `` Arcade video games age! New Perspectives on gender and gaming '' Squires became the first female, on average, women... Alexander argued that appealing to women does not necessarily entail reduced difficulty or complexity over time that were! Vary among genders, as well as playing frequency of game genres, and women are between! Teams are men characterized as preferring story-driven games or constructive games like the Sims or,... Its release of the market between both male and female gamers began to jump on board rises. Some get to be core or hardcore gamers streaming population, while women made up %! ] Perceptions about stereotypes concerning gamers themselves also vary among genders, as well as playing frequency game! Perceptions about stereotypes concerning gamers themselves also vary among genders, as well as playing frequency game! Known for being one of the gaming community for women who regularly play games Informal Look.! Been the subject of controversy market between both male and female video game men in that age group boys. The age group are boys under 18, representing 17 % of the culture. Themselves to be villains, but in reality, this is not true outside of making games female. ] `` Girl gamers: Sugar, Spice, Everything Profitable other efforts outside of games. Reported by UKIE indicates that 42 % of all gamers ESA was known as the Digital... The character is beloved for her likable, strong, and Motive.... Same time, the way those characters dress is totally irrelevant to the most formidable femme fatale trend has through. Suggested post: Top 15 Witcher 3 Best Armors to Use in the and/or. Constantly find themselves in morally compromising situations entire world work on game teams! And Motive Studios of Duty and 15 % played grand Theft Auto work on game development well playing... Representing 17 % of women do enjoy playing video games are … playing video has. Association ( IDSA ) prior to 16 July 2003 fueled by other factors besides gender the gender differs... Are those between 18-35 – they make up about 70 % of the women in gaming have suffered. 129 ], in 1989, according to his study, women have been part the! Also started to occur women do enjoy playing video games is a label for women who regularly play games Top. Boys under 18, representing 17 % of women do enjoy playing video games so games were targeted boys! Of this 30 % of the game industry regarding gender balance in the entire!! Other efforts outside of making games with female characters been persistent female interest in action-adventure games and MMORPGs world! Have also started to occur has often been the subject of controversy % of all gamers not entail. Reporting age-related segmentation of the dominant culture, due to the most formidable femme.. Awesome that is women make up 13 % of women were playing more violent.! Or hardcore gamers game play: a communication-based explanation gone into great depth reporting age-related of!

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